In 2019, a study by Crunchbase identified 142 unicorn startups — businesses valued at over $1 billion . From 2015 to 2019, there are 439 such companies in the world. Each of them started with a simple idea .

Leading startups in terms of attracted investments: 

  • Uber Advanced Technologies Group — more than $7 billion
  • JD Health — about $7 billion
  • Databricks – over $6 billion
  • CloudKitchens – up to $5 billion
  • Rivian – up to $5 billion

Let’s not forget about million-plus projects, which, although not “unicorns”, are firmly on their feet and develop at their own pace, increasing capacity and profit even in times of crisis.

We have prepared for you the TOP 20 fresh solutions for launching a profitable startup in 2022. Go! 

Best Startup Ideas in 2021-2022

Idea number 1. Organization of tours and excursions

A great idea for a startup in a small town or a city with a population of over a million. It is not necessary to develop large-scale tourist destinations at the start. Start small. This will provide resources for a breakthrough. 

For example, the Urbextour company organizes tours of the undergrounds of Kyiv, showing the underside of the life of the city.

Idea number 2. Planner and organizer of concerts, parties, weddings and holidays

Organizing events is an interesting and profitable business. Especially if you approach this issue outside the box. You can implement startup ideas with minimal investment even by being hired, and this is a big plus for the event niche.

For example, the Ukrainian brand Romantic organizes events for lovers on the rooftops of the capital. 

The Russian company Roofevents organizes atmospheric concerts and parties on the rooftops of Moscow. 

Idea number 3. Services of a guide, guide-interpreter

Business Idea: Guide

Do you know English? Use this advantage! Organize excursions around your hometown for foreigners. And do not forget that the tour should be memorable. 

Idea number 4. Local delivery service for food, medicine and essentials

Business idea: Food delivery

Create an assistance service for the elderly and busy people. Make purchases instead of them and deliver them to your home in the city and region at the agreed time. To get started, you need a phone and a car. 

Idea number 5. Opening a coworking space

Business idea: Open a coworking space

Rent or build from scratch. Organize a workspace and rent it out to entrepreneurs and freelancers who have chosen the “remote worker” path. 

Idea number 6. Signature Box Creation and Delivery Business

Business idea: Boxes with goods 

Signature boxes are in demand in almost any niche: drinks, food, cosmetics, pet products and more. Choose a niche, put together a box (a collection in the future) and sell online.

Idea number 7. Eco products and goods

Business idea: Eco goods and products

Eco-products attract more and more people every year. Start selling something that is safe not only for customers, but also for the environment. This business has excellent prospects. 

Idea number 8. Goods for pets

Business idea: Goods for animals

According to statistics, every fourth person in the world has a pet (often more than one). Create toys, accessories or clothes for them. 

Idea number 9. Smartphone repair and sale of mobile accessories

Business idea: Sale of mobile accessories

Despite the glut of mobile accessories market, creative entrepreneurs manage not only to find a place for themselves, but also to establish a strong position, relegating competitors to the background. Alternatively, you can offer repair services for smartphones and other gadgets. By the way, according to expert forecasts, the mobile accessories market will grow to $107.3 billion by 2022.

Idea number 10. vintage goods

Business Idea: Selling Vintage Items

Demand for vintage items is growing. Consider selling old, abandoned, and recycled items through online auctions or your own app. By the way, you can order the development of the application in our company. 

Idea number 11. Blog

Business idea: Keep a narrow-profile blog

Despite the information glut, there are only a few quality blogs. If you are a narrow-profile specialist, write about it and earn on knowledge.

Idea number 12. Coach, online trainer

Business idea: Become a coach

To get started with online learning, you need:

  • be an expert practitioner;
  • not be afraid of the camera;
  • have a desire to help others. 

Create a YouTube channel, introduce people to your expertise and start earning from individual consultations, training lectures and programs.

Idea number 13. food track

Business idea: Selling street food

Cafe on wheels is a great startup idea. The main thing is to do something exclusive. Consider opening a themed food track with just vegan snacks or fries with surprise toppings.

Idea number 14. Smart technologies

Business idea: Create a smart gadget to improve the quality of life

Startup Ideas 2022 for IT Professionals – Smart Gadget Development. How do you figure out what to create? Pay attention to the daily needs and concerns of the target audience. 

Idea number 15. IT-sphere

Business idea: Master the skills of the future

Master the profession of a web developer and open an IT startup: development of applications, software, codes. Yes, it will take time and significant investment, but the knowledge gained will open up excellent prospects for you in the future. 

Idea number 16. Tailoring to order

Business idea: Tailor made clothes

Do you have sewing skills? Make money on it. You can also teach sewing to others. 

Idea number 17. Massage at home

Business idea: Become a massage therapist

In just a month, with a small investment, you can become a certified massage therapist. Having acquired the necessary skills, create a page on social networks on which you will collect orders. In the future, you can open a massage parlor and continue to scale in the beauty niche. 

Idea number 18. crisis management

Business idea: Become a crisis manager

Independent consultants with financial education, who know the specifics of the legal framework, and are able to optimize the finances of a company or individuals can become sought-after crisis managers. 

Idea #19. Organizer of city quest tours

Business idea: Organize quests

Develop a scenario for an interesting city quest, get the necessary props and sell emotions. 

Idea number 20. Sports online

Business idea: Teach sports online

Develop and record in video format a special set of exercises for those who are lazy or who cannot go to the gym. Give yoga, dance, fitness, aerobics lessons online and make money on it.

Useful on the topic: PR for startups on the Internet

These ideas are the base from which you can work, improve and make yourself unique. And this does not require a lot of money.

Startup shutdown statistics

According to the Startup Genome Report, 92% of startups die within 5 years. 74% disappear due to the rush to scale the business, the “bloated” staff and the multiple exaggeration of their own capabilities. 

Stop. No panic. Don’t give up and give up on your dreams. Statistics are not made to discourage you from acting, but to warn you about risks. Forewarned is forearmed. 

Newbie Entrepreneur Mistakes That Kill a Startup

  • Mistake #1: Business for the sake of business. It’s trendy to be an entrepreneur. But to open a business because of this is stupid. The probability that the idea will “shoot” and you will become a dollar millionaire is zero. Build a business from a position of strengths, selling what you can (you know, tested on yourself).
  • Mistake #2: Ambition doesn’t match ability. Even a strong business idea implemented at a normal level will not save an entrepreneur who, in order to scale the company, forces events: invests in something that you can do without at the initial stage. Check the expense item and think: do you really need expensive equipment, an office and staff? Perhaps it is enough to use analogues and outsource tasks?
  • Mistake #3: Underestimating the market. Successful startups are all around, and it seems that entering the market, even if it is oversaturated, is not difficult. This is what desperate guys do or dreamed of, who often fail. 

Before starting a business, you should carefully study the characteristics of the market, the mechanisms for entering a niche, the frequency of legislative changes, and competitors. Independent analysis takes a lot of time and effort.

Market research is best entrusted to professionals with the necessary knowledge, resources and access to closed information sources. Then you will get a complete and reliable picture of the market, and the levers to control the situation on it.

  • Mistake #4: Incompetence. Often a novice entrepreneur does not have managerial competencies, understanding of human psychology, and even leadership qualities. At the same time, he is trying to build a brand empire on his own. Will there be any sense in this case? No.

Launching a startup is done in partnership, preferably with proven failure people. And even if the partner is a new person, the probability of business success is 50%.

  • Mistake #5: Team. Many entrepreneurs often hire low-skilled people to make themselves look like experts.

Until you master management skills and acquire material resources, do not hire people. The ideal team at the initial stage is you and partners. Outsource tasks that you cannot complete.

  • Mistake #6: Investing in startups. Attracting investment in the project is a serious issue. Do I need to look for an investor on the side or do it on my own?

It is important to understand that it is difficult to attract an outside investor who will help your business grow. This requires a WOW idea, charisma and the gift of persuasion.

Otherwise, people who care about momentary profit can invest, tying you with a Kabbalah contract that will squeeze out all the juice and profit.

Many entrepreneurs risk everything to start a business. They sold property, refused many things and the risk was justified. But there are those who gave everything for the idea, but the business did not go.

Regardless of the choice of investing in a startup, a professional marketing strategy is needed to start – a document with goals and ways to achieve them, taking into account the market situation and possible “pitfalls”. This is relevant for those who plan to launch a startup during a crisis. 

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