In this article, we will explain how bad design can ruin a brand’s image, how reputation is strengthened, and how it affects…

Today, 87% of user traffic comes through mobile applications. Search engines are loyal to users who use a smartphone or tablet, believing that they are the future. For this reason, commercial online projects that have a mobile application are a priority for search engines. But not every application becomes successful. 

In this article, we’ll show you how bad design can ruin a brand’s image, how it builds reputation, and how it affects conversions.

Mobile app is an important marketing tool

Although more than 90% of marketers positively assess the role of mobile commerce in promoting the brand and increasing user loyalty, not all businessmen are aware of the need to develop mobile applications.

Meanwhile, neglecting such a powerful channel for promoting your products can reduce the profits of the enterprise. Judge for yourself, on average, men and women spend 25 to 28 hours a month browsing mobile apps. 

A huge diverse audience gathers on Google Play and the AppStore, where it is easy to find the users you need by age, demographic markers, and interests.

However, a potential buyer must want to install your application, and here it is important how users rated it.

Why is rating important and how to increase it?

When buying this or that thing on the Internet, we strive to learn more about it, so we carefully study the opinions of other people. This helps to make the right decision.

The same principle applies when installing applications, regardless of whether it is a paid or free version. If the development has received the maximum approval ratings – four or five stars, then the demand for the proposed product increases. A low assessment of even a promoted brand can negatively affect its image. But you shouldn’t give up. It is quite possible to bring the unsuccessful version to the desired condition. Users are sensitive to changes and are not stingy in their evaluation. 

It is calculated that the growth of the rating has a positive effect on the growth of sales. So when moving from two stars to three, the conversion increases by 30%. And from three to four increases by 90% or more.

Ignoring user opinion is dangerous. But a timely reaction to the negative will help achieve the loyalty of the target audience and increase traffic. 

Most often, low scores are received by little-known brands, the second reason is the lack of motivation of your visitors to leave comments. This is mainly due to the fact that a well-thought-out system works well and is taken for granted. If the technical side suits, few people pay attention to the beauty of the picture.

Another thing is if there are broken links and similar troubles. There is no harsh criticism here. But even this is not a critical situation, as a rule, people are more inclined to give an average score than to give a minimum or maximum rating. 

Six Important Tips

When starting to develop a mobile application for an online store, or going to upgrade an existing one, rely on important starting points:

  1. First of all, you should analyze the “pain” of users. This will help determine what needs to be optimized. By being attentive to the problems of customers, you can not only improve the technical and visual components, but also enlist the loyalty of potential buyers. Users will calmly perceive the failures that occur in the work, realizing that you are determined to create comfortable conditions for them.
  2.  Study your target audience thoroughly. It is useful to split the entire array of users into specific groups. Differentiation can be carried out in different directions: take into account gadget models, their operating systems, how actively a person behaves. Next, you should clarify what the purpose of this study is: you plan to achieve the popularity of the application, to receive specific suggestions for improving the work; establish a systematic connection with the user audience. Analyze the received data. If your goals aren’t met, look for other ways to get feedback.
  3. Respond promptly to comments or suggestions received. This has a positive effect on the reputation of the brand. Customers value attention and do not skimp on loyalty. 
  4. It is useful to fix certain communication parameters. Frequently popping out of place feedback windows can be annoying. Do not be lazy to analyze the actions of visitors to the appearance of a request to rate the mobile application. Consider frequency, quantity, etc. Having figured out the reaction, you will build the work in such a way as not to cause negativity. A good result is given by the “like” / “dislike” keys. Those who click the last one, ask them to describe the problem in more detail. An effective way to win over your target audience is to use the “Item not found” button. By clicking on it, the visitor should get into the customer support chat.
  5. Work with disgruntled users. With the right alignment of forces, it is easy to turn them into allies. And this is a kind of investment in the future. The more positive responses and high ratings, the more likely it is that the position in the rating will be consistently high. 
  6. Highlight the most requested reviews. You can do this through the App Store. He chooses those that received the most likes and dislikes. Be sure to give an exhaustive answer to an extended comment and a positive response. This allows others to pay attention to the positive aspects of the project. 

By paying attention to the opinions of users, it is much easier to strengthen your reputation. You will be trusted if you respond in time to comments, correct mistakes and do not hesitate to talk about their correction.

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