The platform specialized in cross-border trade data analysis Cross-Border Commerce Europe has presented a ranking of the 100 most sustainable cross-border marketplaces in Europe. The top 100 is led by the Americans Ebay and Etsy, as well as the Australian portal Redbubble, which surpasses Rakuten and Amazon.

Ten parameters were taken into account in this ranking: the cross-border sustainable development goals, the sustainable business model, the sustainable shopping experience, sustainability certifications and labels, and the range of sustainable products. Not forgetting sustainable last-mile transportation and delivery systems, brand partners, manufacturing and transportation options in the Far East, CO2 carbon footprint measurements, and establishing responsible frameworks for the sustainable development of corporate social responsibility.

Beyond Ebay, Redbubble, Etsy, Rakuten, Amazon and Amazon Handmade, the top 100 includes the American company Threadless, the Dutch, the American StockX and the French LeBonCoin.

Regarding cross-border marketplaces of European nationality, the ranking also lists in good positions the Germans Spreadshirt (11) and Zalando (17), the British Asos (14), Farfetch (19) and Lyst (20), the French La Redoute (21), Lithuanian Vinted (22) and Dutch United Wardrobe (24).

“It’s no wonder eBay is the winner because, since its launch in 1995, sustainability has been a key driver for this global platform. With a focus on selling used and second-hand products, it is estimated that around 16 % of eBay’s turnover is green and clean, “said Cross-Border Commerce Europe to explain the 68.9 / 100 score of the former auction specialist.

“Amazon, as a cross-border B2C platform with 53% B2B third-party sellers, focuses on selling new products. As a result, its business model scores below average. However, Amazon ranks fifth in the ranking thanks to its clear objectives on its warehouses and fleets of electric delivery vehicles that respect the environment, as well as on sustainable materials, products and packaging ”, explained the organization that authored the ranking.

In the lowest positions are the portals Depop (26), Vestiaire Collective (34), Watchfinder (44), Miinto (56), Kixify (59), VideDressing (61) and Spartoo (64). Also listed in the ranking are Collector Square (66), Rebels Market (72), Bump (76), Rebelle (78), Grailed (83) and Shoppingscanner (93)

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