The top 100 cross-border e-commerce companies in Europe generated more than € 100 billion in sales on the continent for the first time. Cross-Border Commerce Europe has presented its ranking for the European market, in which Vinted and Zalando stand out for their rapid rise.

Virtual marketplaces accounted for around 58% of European cross-border online sales in 2020. A share that should reach 65% by 2025. At the moment, Amazon and Ebay share more than half of the sales made, with 44,300 and € 22.8 billion, respectively. The rest is shared between European players (22.3 billion) and, especially, non-European players (25.8 billion), with actors such as the Chinese Alibaba, which occupies the second and eleventh place in the ranking thanks to its Aliexpress and Alibaba portals.

In terms of companies, the ranking highlights the growth of inter-company activity, which reached 40% last year, and should reach 50% in 2025. Direct-to-consumer trade, which for the moment continues to be the majority, accounted for 54% % of cross-border sales.

Distributed between both sales channels, sales of second-hand products should already represent 43% of the activity and reach 50% in the next four years. The case of Vinted, who climbed two squares to occupy fifth place in the ranking, is a driving force behind the phenomenon. Closely followed by the Dutch Olx, a generalist branch of the Dutch company Naspers.

The case of the German Zalando, a “good climber” who moves from 14th to 9th in one year, also stands out in this edition of the ranking. “It is the strongest cross-border fashion portal in Europe, registering a 30.4% growth in its turnover in fiscal year 2020,” recalled Cross-Border Commerce Europe.

The American B2B sales portal, dedicated to Grailed’s menswear, is ranked 17th in the fashion category. While his compatriot StockX occupies, with its B2B and B2C positioning, the twentieth position. Another German portal completes the top 25: the B2C About You platform.

With regard to generalist players, the ranking highlights the importance in Europe of platforms such as the American Wish (7th box), the Romanian ‘Emag’ piloted by Naspers (13th) and the Japanese Rakuten, which has recently adopted a B2B model (18th ). Not to mention the Latvian portal Joom, which is located in box 24.

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