5 Best IT Development Companies

With its estimated value of $410 billion in 2021, today’s business software industry is expected to show a 13% annual growth until 2029. Every prosperous and future-oriented company requires an upscale digital solution, actually both web and mobile apps, to grow successfully. That’s the smart approach to gain a competitive advantage. Thus, it’s critical to figure out what reliable software development agencies you can find these days to ensure the future success of your business. Let’s check out the best options.

How to create a marketplace from scratch: instructions for beginners

Marketplace is a term that is on everyone’s lips. From Amazon to Wildberries, success stories are everywhere. However, there are many trading platforms that started working, but soon closed, unable to reach a payback. The reasons are always the same: lack of demand, unsustainable business model, bad technology solutions and insufficient marketing. Let’s talk about what marketplaces are and how to launch them correctly.

Pitfalls in marketplace development

We have collected the top 7 mistakes that are often made when developing a mobile application or website for a marketplace. We deliberately do not sort them by rating, because depending on the type of project and the preparedness of the client, the impact of the described moments changes. Try to avoid these mistakes in your project.