In 2019, more than half of online sales went through online marketplaces, which brought in $1.7 trillion to the global economy. Such trends have turned the creation of a marketplace to promote goods or services into a profitable investment for businesses.

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The structure of all marketplace sites is similar:

  • catalog;
  • registration forms and personal accounts of buyers and sellers;
  • options for choosing delivery and payment methods;
  • feedback forms.

The simple structure and relevance makes marketplaces a godsend for anyone starting their journey in the world of e-commerce. According to iBe forecasts , in the next 5 years, revenues from purchases through marketplace platforms will grow to $ 7 trillion.

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TOP 10 most visited marketplaces for business in January 2020

  • Marketplace for business : what are the benefits?
  1. Easy start for clients . To create an average online store, you need to stock up on a considerable amount of money and time. You will have to use the services of marketers, designers and developers, and filling the catalog and promotion can take more than one month. The price of creating a store based on the marketplace is significantly lower, and it is enough to allocate a day or two to place goods.
  2. Simple maintenance . Marketplaces guarantee the continuous operation of the service, quickly fix errors and help you understand its operation, so it is not necessary to hire a team that will monitor the site around the clock.
  3. Fast promotion . It is the trading platforms that are in the TOPs of search engine results. Therefore, when investing in the development of a marketplace, you should be prepared to allocate an advertising budget for SEO, targeted and contextual advertising. However, as the experience of market players, which will be discussed further, shows, such investments quickly pay off.
  4. Fountain of ratings and reviews . Positive reviews are the main tool that attracts customers , and user traffic helps to get these reviews.

Examples of creating a marketplace : the experience of leaders

  1. Aliexpress
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Aliexpress is a popular Chinese business marketplace that continues to hold its own in 2020

Part of the Alibaba Group of companies, which is visited by 200 million monthly users from all over the planet. The marketplace was created to work in the B2C format.

Recently, the opportunity to register as a seller has appeared for legal entities and private entrepreneurs from Russia, Spain, France, Italy and Turkey. True, the registration procedure is so long and drawn out that it often discourages potential sellers from continuing cooperation. But the commission for using marketplace services for business is only 5-8%. After registration, the seller receives a status that is associated with the trust of buyers and the number of goods placed. Beginners are allowed to sell no more than 50 units of products at the same time.

  1. Amazon
amazon marketplace

The creation of the Amazon marketplace made the process of buying and selling even easier

An American marketplace with 3 million sellers and over 300 million buyers. 1.5 billion users visit the site every month. It has 64 currencies available and offers shipping to 160 countries. The work takes place mainly in the B2C format.

Individuals and legal entities can register on Amazon. The cost of creating a store based on a marketplace depends on the type of user. The seller can be individual or professional. When registering an individual user, you only need to pay once 0.99 dollars and give 15% of the value of the goods, in case of a successful sale. For a professional user, there is a subscription fee of $39.99. Strict requirements are put forward for sellers, but this platform opens the whole world.

  1. Ebay
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The development of an application for the Ebay marketplace opened up new opportunities for users

A commodity exchange service that operates in the auction format. Every month it is visited by 180 million buyers. The site operates in B2B and C2C formats.

Not only official stores can sell goods here. Anyone can make money by selling their products. Of course, having previously registered as an individual or business user, indicating contacts and card number. Beginners are allowed to add up to 50 ads per month, increasing this limit is paid – up to 50 cents per item. From the sold products, the site receives 2-12%.

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Among the most visited Ukrainian marketplaces for business

The most visited marketplace for business in Ukraine . It is visited daily by 2.5 million people and 39 million monthly. The platform brought together 56,000 companies that offer 58 million goods or services. The work is going on in the B2C format.

When registering, the seller chooses a tariff: Prom 1000 – for entrepreneurs with an assortment of up to 1000 items, which costs UAH 5400, Prom 6000 – for sellers with an assortment of up to 6000 items, which costs UAH 7400, Prom 10000 – especially for large stores, the number of positions of which is up to 10000, which costs 11900 UAH.

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